Top 5 Best Check Shirts Brands in India 2022

The check shirt is one of the most versatile clothing that you can ever own. The right check shirt can be dressed up or down and worn in a variety of ways. It is perfect for girls who want to look chic and put together. Check shirts are also seen as an investment piece because they can be used so many different ways and for so many occasions. They were originally worn by the English upper-class but have since become a staple for people all over the world. This article contains information on the best check shirts brands in India that you should know about.

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Best Check Shirts Brands in India

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How many times have you been walking down the street and see a girl wearing a beautiful, fitted check shirt? If you’re anything like me, it’s probably way too many times. And I’m not alone. Check shirts are one of the most popular pieces of clothing among girls across India.

The Best Check Shirts Brands in India come from a number of different manufacturers and designers. For example, there is a brand called “Kaviar Gauche” that is known for its high-quality fabrics and flattering cuts. They also have an excellent variety of patterns for all sorts of occasions.

Another great brand is “Gap” which offers clothing at lower prices than some other brands but still has the same quality. Gap has more than 570 stores in over 40 countries around the world so they have no problem getting their clothes to customers quickly and efficiently.

In addition to Gap, there are so many other great brands that sell some high-quality check shirts in India including:


Zara is a Spanish retailer founded in 1975 by Amancio Ortega that specializes in fashion design and manufacturing.

-Zara Home: A sister company to Zara that specializes in home furnishing products.


StyleMint is a fashion retailer that offers affordable clothing. Their brand offers stylish, trendy clothes that are reasonably priced. Not only do they have check shirts but they also carry tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets, shoes, and more. StyleMint strives to offer high-quality clothing at affordable prices.


Jaspal is a brand that produces some of the best check shirt designs in India. They make a variety of shirts with different patterns and fabrics. Their products are made from 100% cotton and have been designed to be easy to maintain while being stylish. Jaspal is a great brand for people who want a simple yet chic design.


FabIndia is one of the best brands in the Indian fashion industry. The company offers an extensive range of products including shirts, dresses, skirts, jeans, and trousers. FabIndia has a reputation for being eco-friendly and for working closely with rural Indian artisans. All fabrics are woven in India by traditional craftsmen on handlooms that are up to 350 years old. FabIndia has an ethical business ethic that ensures its customers are not only buying quality but also contributing to society.

The FabIndia shirt is made of 100% cotton with a shawl collar and three button placket on the front. The shirt falls at the hips and can be worn tucked or untucked. It comes in a variety of colours including ivory, white, red, navy blue, green, brown, pink, yellow, orange and purple.

Mihin & Mihin

Another excellent brand is Mihin & Mihin which specializes in check shirts for women and men under their own label as well as various other labels such as Wills Lifestyle Sports and Activewear (WLSSA). Mihin & Mihin’s shirts come in different styles such as dressy, casual or formal depending on what you need it for – they offer a wide range for.

The History of Best Check Shirts Brands in India

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The check shirt is a very old pattern, dating back to the 1800s. The original check shirts were originally worn by the English aristocracy and became an essential part of their attire. However, it eventually became popular for people from all walks of life to wear them

The basic idea behind the design is that each different colour in the print has its own different position on the fabric. This creates a visually appealing pattern that looks like a series of checks or plaids. As such, this type of garment is often called a “check shirt.” It was introduced in India in the early 1800s and became popular throughout Europe and America soon after.

Why You Should Invest in a Check Shirt?

What is a check shirt? It’s a dress shirt with checks or plaid. Check shirts are usually made of cotton and linen, which gives them a softer texture than other dress shirts. You can wear them with trousers or jeans to complete your look.

Check shirts are perfect for the following occasions:

  • A work day at the office (dressed up)
  • A casual weekend (dress down)
  • Out on the town with friends (dressed up)
  • Dressed down for day-to-day activities

The versatility of check shirts makes it possible to wear them for any occasion. This makes it an investment piece that you will wear time and time again.

There are many brands of check shirts in India that you should know about. Here’s a list:

Van Heusen

The Van Heusen brand has been making quality clothes for over 100 years! They have their
own manufacturing unit in Mumbai which produces fabrics and garments of all kinds. Van Heusen also has two exclusive stores in New Delhi and Mumbai which carry their line of clothing and accessories such as wallets, belts, ties, menswear, etc. Van Heusen has been making clothes for generations and is one.

What to Look for in a Check Shirt Brand?

As with any clothing brand, there are a few things that you should take into consideration before you purchase your next check shirt.

  1. Price: The price of a check shirt can vary depending on the material. More expensive shirts will have more expensive fabric and be made from higher quality materials. However, this does not mean that an expensive shirt will look better than a cheaper one.
  2. Check Pattern: You’ll want to make sure that the pattern of your check shirt matches your personal preference. Some people find the traditional red and black checks to be too much while others love it!
  3. Fit: Just like with any other article of clothing, you’ll want to make sure that the fit of your check shirt is comfortable for you. The best way to do this is by trying on different styles in person before buying them online.

Final Words:

I hope you like this article on Best Check Shirts Brands in India where I have tried to mentioned only top brands that you can try in your life. Having brand clothes give a super exciting feeling that is why everyone tries branded clothes. If you have any questions regarding this article so feel free to drop your thought in the comment. We will respond as soon as possible.

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