Top 10 Power Banks In India – 2022 Best Power Bank Review

Has your phone ever run out of charge during a long trip? Have you ever run out of charge during a power outage? We have all been in similar situations as the batteries fitted into our phones only hold a charge for specific amounts of time. Do you wonder which power bank is best to buy and which offers wireless charging?

A power bank can ensure that you still use your mobile device even when you do not have the means to charge your phone. This makes finding the right power bank even more critical, especially in modern times, where we spend most of our time scrolling away on our phones and want the ability to charge two devices simultaneously.

Power banks are small portable devices that can deliver continuous charge to your smartphone or any other compatible device on the go, and some even offer wireless charging.

The power banks can provide a quick charging option for your phone or laptop and even wireless charging. In addition, developers have also released power banks that can support multiple devices at a time to give you impressive results. There are many options available in India, and in this article, we provide you with comprehensive information on power banks and our top picks which you should consider.

The Best Power Banks in India

best power banks in india

Before we dive into the list of power banks to buy, it is worth noting that according to to Maximize Market Research, the power bank market in India was valued at 115 million dollars back in 2018. Since then, the industry has continued to grow rapidly as the number of electronic devices rises, with many looking for a viable option to buy.

As you select the best power banks to buy in India, you should first consider the option of a battery bank that gives you high capacity. Be sure to get a battery bank that gives you adequate battery capacity and identify the ones to avoid.

Next, you should consider the connectivity interface before you find an option to buy. You can connect your device to a battery bank in several ways. For example, you can use a USB option or a lightning port to facilitate charging. The important thing is to ensure that it is compatible with your device.

There are very many brands of power banks that are available to buy in India, and trying to choose the best pick for you can be quite challenging. However, you can rely on our list, which is carefully put together to figure out the best power bank to buy for your device.

#1: Mi Power Bank 3i 2000mAH

Mi Power Bank 3i 2000mAH

We found this option to be one of the best options to buy for fast charging. The Mi Power Bank 3i 2000mAH comes with not one but a three port output, enabling you to charge three devices simultaneously. This battery bank has a dual input port, allowing you to charge your power pack in many ways. In addition, the battery bank comes outfitted with a quick charging time, with the maximum charging time being 6.9 hours.


• Triple port output
• 18W fast charging dual input port

Technical specifications

Capacity– 2000mAH
Dimensions- 15.1×7.2×2.6 centimetres
Connector type– USB, Micro USB

According to the available reviews, the Mi Power Bank 3i 2000mAH gives instantaneous power delivery. This gives you quick charging options to reduce the time you leave your device to charge. Many users particularly like the advanced 12-layer chip protection that comes with this brand of a power bank and is a great option to buy. This added protection makes the power bank durable and long-lasting.

#2: URBN 1000mAH Li-Polymer

This power bank delivers decent performance levels when charging your devices and is a good option to buy. The battery bank has a dual USB output to give it support. Each of these outputs can deliver a fast-charging mechanism that lets you get a quick setup. The battery bank also comes in a premium look, which translates into a relatively light weight of under 181 grams, making it easy to carry around.


• Ultra-compact body
• Dual USB Output 2.4 Amp
• 1 Type-C USB cable

Technical specifications

Connector type: USB, Micro USB
Capacity: 1000 mAH
Dimensions: 2.2×6.3×9 cm
Power: 12 W

Most customers who use this product have claimed that it gives amazing device support and is an all-around good charging option to buy This battery bank features a Micro USB input that is compatible with a wide range of devices. In addition, this power bank is a great purchase if you have a smartphone since it supports 5V fast charge.

#3: Ambrane 15000mAH Li-Polymer Powerbank

This battery bank gives superior power output thanks to its nine layers of chipset protection. Adding layers of security, including against temperature resistance, gives you safe and secure charging making it a good option to buy and not one to avoid.


• Dual USB inputs
• High-density polymer battery
• A combined output rating of 5V

Technical specifications

Dimensions: 13.7×7.7×2.2 cm
Capacity: 15000 mAH
Connector type: USB, Micro USB
Power:10 W

Customers like this power bank’s amazing power support with dual-output ports, giving you a high-quality charging option. You can charge two devices while still maintaining a relatively short charging time, with the maximum output being 2.1 A

#4: Syska 2000 mAH Li-Polymer

Syska 2000 mAH Li-Polymer

This power bank comes with a dual port USB output which is a great option. Since the battery bank comprises ABS plastic, the device is very light in weight. The 2000mAH can last very long to give you a great charging experience. In addition, you can always rely on internal specifications to deliver fast charging, making this a good option to buy.


• 3000 Mah phone battery 4.3
• Warranty options
• Double USB Output DC5V

Technical specifications

Connector type: Micro USB
Power: 10W
Capacity: 2000 mAH
Dimensions: 15.8×8.2×2.4 cm

According to some online reviews, this power bank has a charging time of ten hours. Although battery banks have shorter charging times available, the Syska 2000mAH Li-Polymer delivers notable results. The device utilizes a standard USB cable to charge the devices.

#5: OnePlus 1000mAH Power Bank

This battery bank is a fast-charging device and incorporates dual USB ports. The device also has a 12- layer circuit protection with a one-of-a-kind Low Current mode making this product even more desirable.


• It can charge two devices at the same time.
• It has a premium build and beautiful design.
• The 3D curved body gives you a better grip.

Technical specifications

Power: 18W
Capacity: 10000mAH
Connector type: USB, Micro USB
Dimensions: 15×7.2×1.5 centimetres

This particular battery bank has a good carrying capacity thanks to its compact size. The extremely light weight is also a plus, weighing 225 grams.

#6: PTron Dynamo Pro 10000Mah

The PTron Dynamo 10000mAH is manufactured by one of the best power bank brands. Its stand-out features are the portable ergonomic design and the hard ABS exterior that comes with the battery bank, allowing you to use the device for a long time to come. In addition, the battery bank comes with an 18W cable that supports a wide range of electronic devices, making it one of the best options to buy, not one to avoid.


• Solid 10000Mah power bank
• Two ports 18W output, USB c
• 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Technical specifications

Connector type: USB, Micro USB, USB c
Dimensions: 14.3×6.7×1.5
Power: 18W
Capacity: 10000mAH

Many users fancy this power bank thanks to the large capacity of the Li-Polymer battery charger. According to customers, this power bank has dual input and output slots that enable connection to multiple devices simultaneously. In addition, the device has a two-way charging option that enables the external battery to be charged in the shortest amount of time.

#7:Realme 20000mAH Power Bank

The Realme 20000Mah power battery comes complete with 14-layer charge protection. This protective feature adds layers of protection to protect the battery pack from overheating and any problems that may arise due to a short circuit.


• Two-in-one charging cable, USB c capabilities.
• Triple charging ports.
• 14-layer charge protection.

Technical specifications

Power: 18W
Connector type: USB, Micro USB
Dimensions: 15×7.2×2.8cm

According to its online reviews, this device is a great tool if you want something to support you through a long tour. The device does not take long to set up and features an easy-to-use plug-and-play mechanism. In addition, the power bank has a lightweight frame and is easy to carry around. The two-in-one charging cable makes it easy to charge up the battery bank in one quick session, making it one of the best options to buy and not to avoid.

#8: Redmi 20000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank

Redmi 20000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank

The Redmi 20000mAH Li-Polymer is equipped with powerful ergonomics, which allows the user to get one of the best results. The device also has advanced chipset protection that ensures that your device is safe from short-circuiting.


• Two-way quick charge.
• 18W fast charging, USB c
• 12- layer circuit protection.

Technical specifications

Power: 18W
Dimensions: 15.4×7.4×2.7 centimetres.
Capacity: 20000Mah
Connector type: USB, Micro USB

This is one of the most affordable battery banks available in India. Most people believe that the two-way quick charge feature is very convenient and can ensure that your smartphone is fully charged in even two hours. The power bank itself also takes very minimal time to charge, making it one of the best power banks not to avoid.

#9: Anker powercore20100 Power Bank with Ultra High Capacity

The Anker powercorecomes with Anker’s MultiProtect safety system that protects it from internal damage. In the event of overheating, the Anker powercore battery bank will restart automatically and can deliver a high-capacity charge.


• 18-month warranty from the Anker powercore company.
• Anker’s MultiProtect safety system.
• PowerIQ and VoltageBoost, usb c

Technical specifications

Dimensions:30x135x165 millimetres
Connector type: USB, lightning
Power: 10W
Capacity: 20100mAH

If the reviews are anything to go by, this power bank delivers one of the fastest possible charge times. It appears to be the favorite option among tablets or iPhones. In addition, the Anker powercore features Qualcomm Quick Charge and a Voltage Boos feature, which allows you to get the best results from what can be said to be the best power bank.

#10: Croma 10W Fast Charge 10000Mah

This device comes with a great body and superior build-up. You can tell that it is designed for long-term service. There is also the option of a durable anti-scratch aluminum casing and rounded aesthetic curves making this one of the best power banks in the3 Indian market. The power bank also features a Fast Charge capability with 2.1 Amp output for optimal results.


• Anti-scratch aluminum casing.
• Fast charge Dual USB outlet.
• Fast charge dual charging inputs, USB c

Technical specifications

Connector type: USB, Micro USB
Power: 10W
Capacity: 10000mAH
Dimensions: 6.6×1.55×13.9 cm

According to customer reviews, the Croma 10WFast Charge 10000Mah is a pocket-friendly model especially suited to Samsung smartphones. In addition, it has a quick charging mode to enable you to return to using your device in no time, rendering it one of the best in India.

Which is Better 10000mAH or 20000mAH?

10000mAH or 20000mAH?

A power bank can be a part of a person’s lifestyle, especially in an area where power outages are frequent or if the user is a frequent long-distance traveler. Therefore, as a prospective user, you may want to know which power bank is the best option for you in India between t5he 10000mAH and 20000mAH, and in this section, we answer just that.

A charge of 10000mah is the size of most smartphone batteries, meaning that the average power bank with this charge can charge a new phone 1.5 times on a single charge. For example, with a 10000mah power bank, you can conveniently charge a Samsung smartphone 1.5 times. The 2000mah capacity battery bank will give you twice this capability making it an option not to avoid as it is one of the best in India.

10000mah Power Bank Pros and Cons

The 10000mah power bank is a perfect choice if you need to bring a lot of backup power as you travel or have a busy schedule. A battery bank with a smaller capacity, such as the 10000mah, can typically fit in your pocket, giving you increased versatility as you move about, making this its biggest advantage.

A 20000mah battery bank, on the other hand, is bulkier, and if you only need the battery bank to recharge your smartphone on the go, this might be a bit much. We recommend that you prioritize a battery bank that can recharge your smartphone at least one and a half to two times while on a full charge, as this is one of the best parameters to consider in India.

20000mah Power Bank Pros and Cons

The difference between the two capacities is that the 10000mah power bank will have fewer charging sockets than the 20000mah battery bank. In many cases, the 10000mah battery bank has four or five charging sockets, while the 20000mah battery bank can have six.

The main advantage of the 20000mah battery bank is that it holds more capacity, and therefore it can charge multiple devices or your smartphone more times. If you are only looking to buy a power bank for your smartphone, this is the capacity to avoid it as it is not one of the best for this category in India.

How do I Choose a Good Power Bank to Buy?

When it comes to choosing the best power bank for you, there is no one size fits all, and you should consider some factors such as;


Capacity is usually indicated by milliamp-hour(mAH), and it gives a rough indication of the capabilities of the battery bank as far as charging your devices is concerned. The higher this number, the more power the battery bank can deliver to your connected device before the bank itself runs out of power.

In general, you want to find a battery bank that has enough capacity to completely recharge your phone or device two times over before it requires a recharge. This bench march should give you enough power on your device for one to two days at a time. Battery banks can be available from a single charge(3000Mah to over 20000mah). Remember, the smartphones in current markets typically come with 3000mah batteries.

A 10000mah power bank should be able to charge this smartphone up to three times. You can calculate the number of charges a battery bank will give you by dividing the battery bank’s measured capacity against the capacity stated on your phone or another compatible device.

Size and weight

This is the next factor you should consider before deciding what battery bank you want. A battery bank with greater capacity may seem like the best power bank in India, but you should remember that it may be too big for your pockets or bag. If you want to keep your phone on during a concert, night out, or a similar function, it may be better to go with a power bank with less capacity for its smaller size, which makes it one of the best, while the greater capacity ones are the options to avoid.

There may be situations where a more significant degree may be required, such as when going for a long hike. In this case, you want to avoid battery banks with lower capacity and choose the best power bank for that situation in India.

Shape and style

Although this is not a big issue as it does not affect performance, it would be best to avoid weird shapes and designs that are too bulky and uncomfortable for your pocket size. Instead, try to find a design that has a similar shape to that of most smartphones and is similar in size.

The number of ports

The earlier models of power banks only had one output port, and these are the ones that you generally want to avoid as they are not the best power bank. Eventually, more battery banks were made to accommodate more devices and at least charge two devices simultaneously.

This is because more customers were using the battery banks, and the need for more device connectivity became more apparent, driving the need to make the best power bank in India.

Typically, the larger battery banks come equipped with more charging ports and USB c, and all you should confirm is the current capabilities of each port to ensure that they meet your needs. It is also vital to note that when multiple devices are connected to a battery bank simultaneously, the device may not give the maximum power output to each port, but rather the maximum overall production will be shared between the devices. This can lead to slower charging times which you may want to avoid.

Lithium-ion vs lithium polymer

These are the two mainstream battery technologies available in the market today as far as a power bank is concerned, as they are one of the best options in India. The two technologies are very similar in many aspects, with some minor differences. Lithium-ion provides higher power density, and the lack of this is the memory effect which causes batteries to become harder to change over time.

Lithium-ion batteries are also cheaper compared to lithium-polymer. However, lithium-polymer batteries are more flexible and robust, especially regarding the shape and size of their build. In addition, lithium-polymer batteries tend to last longer and are lighter in weight. Lastly, another point to consider is that the lithium-polymer option features a reduced risk of suffering from electrolyte leaks.

Is Ambrane an Indian company?

This is a question typically asked by someone looking to buy a battery bank from an Indian company. Ambrane, as a company, is quite famous regarding battery banks for its high-quality products. Ambrane is an indigenous company established in 2012 in India, and its vision was to offer smart electronic gadgets to its customers.

The company started making strides towards this goal by creating the Power Bank, which has since risen in popularity to become the signature product and identity of the brand. The company was the first to manufacture power banks in India, a major achievement. Currently, Ambrane has a strong presence in India, where it has widened its portfolio to include products such as grooming products, mobile accessories, and audio accessories, among others.

Which is the best power bank for smartphones?

best power bank for smartphones

We have found that the Anker powercore is the best overall for using smartphones. The Anker powercore is superior in terms of its charging speed, price range and connectivity, and USB c capability. The Anker powercore has a capacity of around 20,100 mph, which means that you can charge your smartphone multiple times before needing to charge the power bank, even when using USB c. The Anker powercore power bank can comfortably charge two devices simultaneously thanks to its 2.4 Amp USB ports.

If any of the two devices plugged into the Anker powercore use PowerIQ, VoltageBoost, or even USB c, it would charge them up at an even faster time, making the Anker powercore one of the best power banks in India.

The Anker Powercore 3 elite 25600 PD 60W is another great option from the Anker powercore company, and we recommend it for its fast charging capabilities even when using USB c. If you have a device that requires a lot of power or needs to charge up your smartphone multiple times during the day, the n this is a good option for you to consider.

This battery bank is named for its 25,600 mah battery capacity giving it enough grunt to power up a Macbook making it a great option for people who work on the go and USB c users. This battery bank can charge three devices simultaneously, with a 60W USB c port and two USB-A ports that have enough grunt to deliver a combined output of 18W. As expected, this is a hefty battery bank and weighs more than half a kilogram. As for the price, it is also a bit steep, but it offers good value for money, making it one of the best power banks.

How long does a 20000mah battery pack last?

This battery capacity is large and can definitely power devices such as smartphones and tablets for a long time. To figure out how long a 20000mah battery will last, we first have to assume that it is fully charged. Next, how long it will last will depend on how it is used.

For example, if you are charging three devices simultaneously, it will not last the same time compared to someone else who is only charging their smartphones at a time. With this battery capacity, you can charge laptops and a tablet about 1.5 times. Generally, a 20000mah battery can deliver 2Amp for ten hours.

Is 20000mah good for a power bank?

The short answer is yes. Battery banks with high capacity are incredibly handy for charging devices on the move and just around the home as a backup option. They allow you to charge your devices without connecting to a socket, which can be especially useful in a blackout. The 20000 mah battery bank may not be best suited for every situation, as we outlined earlier, but we feel there is no need to avoid them as they are quite robust and handy.

This capacity will provide you with enough power to fully charge your device multiple times over; therefore, you do not need to avoid it.

Conclusion – There is a Power Bank For Everyone

Before you decide on which power bank you’re going to buy, make sure you figure out what you value most in your purchase. Is it battery life or durability? Once you make this determination it will be very easy to find the right power bank for you.