10 Best Water Purifier in India 2022

Are you looking for the best water purifier in India? If yes so here in this article, I am going to share with you a detailed explanation of the best water purifier for your home. It is very confusing to choose a water purifier when you have multiple options that are why we have worked hard and compile this list of purifiers under your budget.

Many families are facing the problem of having water smell, polluted water, waterborne disease, and many more that is why pure water is very important to them. If a drop of water can save your life so a drop of polluted water can destroy your life as well so be smart and drink only pure water.

A water purifier is successful because it removes water impurities like mud, bacteria, sand, viruses, excess dissolved solids like magnesium, calcium, and heavy metals like lead, arsenic, etc to provides you with clean and pure water that you can drink.

Which is The Best Water Purifier in India?

It is hard to choose any one water purifier when we have so many fantastic brand as well in the market and as time passes, the new water purifier came with more facilities that are why here I have shared all the top 10 branded and affordable water purifier.

So without wasting your further time, let me quickly let you know about the best water purifier in India. Stay tuned with me till the end to get to know about each water purifier for home which I shared below.

HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO+UV+MF Water Purifier

best water purifier India

This HUL Pureit Dual Water comes with dual water dispensing feature that allows you to drink RO water and RO copper water. You can choose any of them as per your need. It is the world’s first water RO with copper charge technology that charges the RO water with 99.8% pure copper. Furthermore, when you fill your glass so it provides the right amount of water in your glass. It has 8-liter large water storage to store your water with 7 Stage Advanced Purification with RO+UV+MF technology. The water face 7 stages of purification then you get pure and gems-free RO water.

Overall this water purifier looks fantastic in terms of design to enhance the beauty of your home. It can be used for TDS up to 2000 ppm but I recommend you use the TDS meter to finds out the correct TDS of your water support. If it matches then you can go with this water purifier. It has made from strong food-grade plastic material that provides longer life to this product.


  • Dual water dispensing
  • Double purity lock
  • Auto-cleaning
  • hands-free bottle fill zone
  • Food grade plastic


  • iFit needs to be paid monthly or annually 

Kent – 11076 New Grand RO + UV+ UF + TDS Water Purifier

Kent best water purifier

Kent is a popular brand in this industry that makes fantastic products in terms of quality and features. This Kent New Grand Water purifier comes with RO+UV+UF +TDS purification technology that removes all the dissolved impurities and such as arsenic, rust, pesticides and fluorides, and kills bacteria, and viruses to provide you 100% pure and tasty water. With the help of 20 liters per hour purification capacity, you can purify the water as much as you can and it can store up to 8-liter water in the storage.

Furthermore, It has a water level meter that tracks the available water level in the storage tank. You can switch on the machine whenever the water decreases. It helps a lot when you have a large family. If I talk about the design so it looks very beautiful and user-friendly. You also get 4 years service warranty and a 1-year product warranty which is another positive aspect of this best water purifier.


  • Weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • iFit is free the first year
  • 2. 6 CHP drive System
  • 20 X55 tread belt
  • 0-10 MPH speed control


  • Bit costly

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Eureka Forbes Aquasure Amrit Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes water purifier in India

This Eureka Forbes water purifier is a gravity-based water purifier that does not need any type of electricity to pure the water. With the help of a double storage feature, you can store around 20-liter water in this water purifier. The company has built it with food-grade plastic that increases the lifetime of this water purifier. This water purifier has 3 stages of purification to purify your water. I like the sleek and elegant design that enhances your home’s beauty.


  • No electricity required
  • Lightweight product
  • 20-liter water storage capacity
  • food-grade non-toxic plastic
  • 3 Stages of Purification


  • Unsuitable with high TDS content.

HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver

HUL purifier in India

Once again we have the HUL water purifier company with a fantastic product. This HUL Pureit eco water saver comes with a free installation service. This ECO-friendly water purifier comes with seven-stage purification technology that removes all the dissolved minerals, viruses, and bacteria from the water and provides you with pure and healthy water. It consumes 38 watts of power and has a 10-liter water capacity.

HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver is the highest water-saving RO with a recovery rate of up to 60%. Furthermore, the company has built it with an advanced alert system that works as an alarm to warn you 15 days before the expiry of the Germkill kit. Overall the water purifier is best for smart homes. You can easily operate it with the help of display buttons.


  • One year warranty
  • Free installation
  • Germ kill kit change indicator
  • Good water capacity
  • 0-10 MPH speed control
  • Food grade plastic material


  • No purity indicator 

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Best AQUA water purifier

This R.K. Aqua water purifier has 12 liters of water storage which is enough for a family and the company provides you with a Cartridge that must be attached to the purification system for filtration. The RO + UV treatment helps to purify the water by using pressure to force water molecules to pass through a membrane. This process clears all the impurities and provides healthy and clean water.

Overall the design is fantastic with transparent food-grade plastic. It has a water level indicator that shows your storage water. The company provides you with a 1-year warranty so If you face any issue regarding this water purifier then you can use this warranty card for replacing your product.


  • One year warranty
  • Budget-friendly water purifier
  • Water storage indicator
  • 12 liters water capacity
  • Transparent body


  • The company has written 15-liter water capacity but it is actually 12 liter

Havells GHWRPMB015 Ultraviolet purifier

Havells water purifier in India

Havells is the most demanding brand in India that makes fantastic and trustable products. This water purifier has safe and pure drinking water because of RO and UV purification. The company provides you 7-liter water tank capacity. When the water is about to finish, you can on the purifier easily. I like the protect purification system that monitors the purification process and ensures you safe water. It has a revitalizer that restructures the water molecules and makes them biologically active that improves hydration and mineral absorption.

Overall the product is great with a fantastic design and color combination. The 3-way divider allows you to mount it anyplace in your home. It looks so decent and best for smart people. It has 7 stages of purification to purify your water and 1-year warranty ensures the quality of this product.


  • Revitalizer makes the water biologically active
  • 7-stages of purification
  • Excellent 15 liters an hour flow
  • Easy to Install
  • 3-way divider design


  • Bit high budget

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Hindware Elara Reverse Osmosis + RO+UV+UF+Mineral Fortification Water Purifier

Hindware best water purifier

Now we have 7 stage water purification Hinware water purifier that comes with a 7-liter water storage capacity. It has an LED indicator that shows power, a tank full, and water purification which is an excellent feature. It looks so fantastic and an elegant glossy design enhances the beauty of his product.

Moreover, the company has added a stylish tap lever that helps to fill your water bottle or glass. You can detach the drip from this purifier without facing any problem. The 7 stages purification process provides you healthy and drinking water. If I talk about the company so Hindware is a well-known brand in this industry that provides an excellent product to its customer. Overall I like this best water purifier in India that has made from food-grade plastic material.


  • LED indicators
  • 7-stages of purification
  • Elegant glossy design
  • 7 liters water capacity
  • Power adaptor
  • Easy to Install


  • No power-saving technology

Faber Galaxy RO+UF+MAT Water Purifier 

best water purifier by faber

This Faber Galaxy water purifier comes with 7 stages of water purification to ensure you the water you are drinking is safe and healthy. It has an RO membrane that works around 2500 ppm TDS water and this is the reason that this purifier can work with any source of water. The RO membrane removes all the hazardous chemicals dissolved in water such as pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, hardness & other salts from water when the water passes.

Furthermore, the company has built it with ABS plastic material which is the strongest material in the market that provides a purifier a longer life. With the help of a 9-liter storage capacity, you can store a large amount of water into this purifier. It looks so fantastic in terms of design that enhances your kitchen look 100 times. The company provides you free installation and one year warranty that ensure the quality of this product.


  • 7-stages of purification
  • Free installation with a 1-year warranty
  • Easy to use
  • Purify water with up to 2500 TDS levels
  • 9 liters water capacity
  • Energy-saving mode


  • No TDS controller

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AO Smith Z9 Green RO Water Purifier

AO Smith water purifier

AO Smith is a popular company that makes fantastic water purifiers and this Z9 Green RO water purifier is another the best in India. You can use this purifier with TDS up to 2000ppm. It has a 10-liter large water storage capacity inside the tank which is enough for a family. I like the decent look of this AO smith water purifier and its glow at night that enhances the beauty of your home. You enjoy every aspect of this purifier. It provides you with mineralized cold and hot water. For filling your water bottle/glass, Just press the button and enjoy the pure and healthy water.

The company has built it with an alert feature that alerts you when RO membrane or other filters need changing. It comes with 7 stages of water purification to make your water pure and gems free. With the help of RO + SCMT, this water purifier provides you double protection to ensure purified and healthy water.


  • Hot & cold water
  • Advanced alert technology
  • Easy to use
  • The glowing effect at night
  • 8-stage purification
  • Low power consumption


  • Bit expensive

Mi Smart Water Purifier

Latest Mi water purifier

I do not need to tell you about Mi because this is one of the most popular company that make fantastic products like smartphones, watches, earphones, and more. This water purifier by Mi comes with real-time TDS monitoring and an auto water level detector which can be controlled by the app. It supports a 5-steps Penta purification process and in-tank UV sterilization. If you buy this product so you get a 7-liter water storage capacity with a 1-year warranty. 

I like the design of this best water purifier in India. The white color looks decent when you mount it in your kitchen. The Xiaomi company provides free installation on this product. You just need to contact them after shipping your product. The company engineered will install your purifier within 48 hours. If I talk about the App so it shows you the state of water purification.


  • Hot & cold water
  • Advanced alert technology
  • Smart features like app
  • Decent look
  • 5-stage water purification
  • UV Sterilization


  • Limited availability

Buying Guides For Best Water Purifier in India

I hope you have chosen the best water purifier in India for your home but still, If you are confused and do not know about the features then here I am going to explain all the features in detail that will help you to choose the best water purifier for home easily.

TDS Level

Before buying a water purifier, you need to know about the TDS level. It is your water supply. The TDS shows the hardness of your water and in India, there are many cities where the water reaches from three ways.

  • Municipal Water – This type of water reaches our home with the help of lakes, rivers, or other municipal sources. This type of water has around1-200 ppm.
  • Ground Water – Most people have this type of water type in rural areas that is why this type of water has TDS from 200 to 2000 ppm.
  • Tanker or Tube Well – In cities, you can easily see this type of water. If I talk about the TDS in this type of water so you get very high TDS.

Mony water purifiers do not support high TDS that is why first measure your home TDS then buy a suitable RO water purifier for your TDS level.

Water Pressure

Another important aspect to look at in a water purifier is the water pressure. The RO water purifier works well when you have a high water pressure around 5 to 40 but in case, your water pressure is low then the water purifiers companies recommend you to use a booster pump attachment to the RO system that helps to increase the water pressure to use the RO water purifier.

Water Storage Capacity

Water storage capacity is very important when you have a large family because they consume more water every day. In that case, you need a high-storage water purifier that can fulfill your family’s needs. So If you have a large family then go with a 15 to 20-liter water purifier but on the other hand you have 3/4 members in your family then you can go with a 5 to 10-liter water purifier and this is enough for small families.


Most water purifiers use electricity to purify your water but some water purifiers use gravity to purify your water. Now, what is the difference between both of them? So there is a bit different. RO system uses electric power to activate the RO membrane, UV lamp use electric to use so If you want to drink the pure water then an electric purifier can be the best choice for you.


When it comes to the material so I only recommend the ABS food grade plastic material water purifier in India because this is the strongest plastic that provides longer life to the product. So before paying the payment, check out the product material.


Some compies provide free installation services but only in specific areas so check that your area is included or not. If not then you can install it by yourself with the help of basic guidance or you can call an engineer.

Hot or Cold Water

The hot or cold water feature is fantastic in purifiers that allow you to drink the water according to weather or your health. This type of purifier has a bit high price because it provides the dual mineral water type.


Which is batter UV Or UF?

It has a bit different. The UV water purifier kills the bacterial from the water and provides pure water but on the other hand, the UF water purifier blocks the bacteria from the water. It just depends on your water TDS level.

What the price of a water purifier?

There is no limit to a water purifier so it just depends on your requirement and budget. If you have a high requirement then go with a high price around 15000 to 20000 otherwise you can buy an under 10000 water purifier.

Final Words

I hope you like this article on the best water purifier in India where I have shared a detailed explanation of each water purifier so you can make a clear decision to buy the best water purifier in India under your budget.

From my side, I have tried to explain every part but still If you have any questions regarding this article on the water purifier so feel free to write down a comment below. I will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.