Top 6 Best Wine Brands in India at Reasonable Prices

India is a land of many colours and flavours, but most people know it as the second-most populous country in the world.

With such a diverse landscape, it’s no wonder that India has an equally diverse palate. From spicy to sweet, traditional to modern; there are many ways to experience Indian food but what about wine?

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While you might think that drinking wine would be similar across the board, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the top best wine brands in India that offer quality products at reasonable prices. These wines are perfect for pairing with any meal you’re having at home or elsewhere!

List of Best Wine Brands in India

  1. Sula Vineyards
  2. Grover Vineyards
  3. Amrut Wine Company
  4. Dindima Wines
  5. D-Vine Wines
  6. Kishore Vaadi Wine

Here is some brand that is most popular in the Indian market segment. Let’s discuss briefly.

1. Sula Vineyards

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Sula Vineyard’s headquarters is in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Sula is India’s best-selling red wine.

Here are some facts about Sula wines.

  • Sula comes at a very normal price so that everyone can afford this.
  • It is the best hot-selling red wine in India.
  • Sula has Aromas of quince and pear combine flavor.

2. Grover Vineyards

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Grover Vineyard’s headquarters is in Nandi Hills, Karnataka, India. Grover Wine in India’s Best drinkable Wine.

Here are some facts about Grover Vineyards.

  • Grover Vineyards is a very drinkable wine in India because of having great taste.
  • The company put India’s name on the world wine map.
  • It has a fresh flavor fruit taste.
  • The company is Indian so you can trust on this brand.

3. Amrut Wine Company

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Amrut Wine is a subsidiary of Amrut Distillery. Amrut Distillery is located in Kambipura. Which is only 20Km from Banglore.

Here are some facts about Amrut Wine company.

  • This Wine comes in single malt.
  • Amrut Wine Company is also an Indian company.
  • It is not much expensive. You can easily get it under 5000 Indian Rupees.
  • I like the taste of comes in nutty, citrus, apricot taste.

4. Dindima Wines

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Dindima Wines is from Australia. Its headquarters are at 859 Cargo Rd, Nashdale NSW 2800, Australia. Dindima Wines is also famous in India.

Here are some facts about Dindima Wines.

  • It is An Australian Wines.
  • Dindima Wines Comes at very low prices.
  • Talking about flavour so It also has very tasty flavour.

5. D-Vine Wines

Glass with wine in India image

D-Vine Wines is a Nantes-based company. D-Vine Wines was started by three friends. They are from an engineering background.

Here are some facts about D-Vine Wines.

  • D-Vine Wines, These wines come in various flavors.

6. Kishore Vaadi Wine

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Kishore Vaadi Wine is also known as Kishore Wine Traders. It is a Pune-based company. Kishore wines also come in various kinds of tastes that engage the audience. When the company provides various flavours so the buyer never goes to other brands to taste different wines.

How to Find the Right Wine?

Finding the right wine for you will depend on what you’re looking for. If you are looking for some queries like below.

  1. Do you want something sweet?
  2. Do you prefer natural grape flavours?
  3. Or are you looking for a dry wine to go with your meal?

No matter what your preference, there’s a perfect Indian wine out there for you! Whether it’s Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon, these wines are sure to please.

If you’re new to Indian wines, start by sampling some of the most popular varieties. There’s no better way to learn about the different tastes than tasting them yourself! Once you find one that stands out to you, try getting acquainted with other types of wines by exploring different regions and tasting their unique flavours. Remember, there is no “right” type of Indian wine—it all depends on what suits your taste!

Why You Should Drink Indian Wine?

As the population in India continuously grows, People love to taste different wines. There are many different types of wines for you to try!

Most people think that wine is only good with Italian food, but Indian food actually goes really well with wine too! So next time you are indecisive about what wine to pick at the store, check out one of these cool Indian brands.

It’s always best when you can find a wine that you enjoy and it’s also affordable. Save yourself the hassle of looking for a new brand every time and just check out some of these best wine brands in India!

The Different Types of Indian Wines

There are many types of Indian wines that can be found in the country. The most popular ones include:

  • Red Wines: A variety of red wines made from grapes. This includes cabernet sauvignon, merlot, zinfandel, and Malbec to name a few.
  • White Wines: Made from either white grape juice or skinless red grapes, these wines are often sold as chardonnay or riesling.
  • Rosé Wines: Wine that starts out as white wine but is then mixed with the skins of dark-colored grapes to give it a pinkish hue.
  • Fortified Wine (such as Port): Produced by fortifying wine like port with brandy or distilled spirits like whiskey.

The last four varieties are more commonly imported than produced in India because the country doesn’t have enough cool climate for viticulture (grape cultivation). But don’t fret! You can find some good quality imported wines in India if you look hard enough!

Final Words:

It’s fact that India is a vast country with diverse cultures, lifestyles, traditions, and of course, tastes. It means there are many different types of best wine brands in India to choose from. The best way to find the right wine is to think about your taste preferences, your lifestyle, and your budget. Whatever your preferences are, here are the top 6 best wine brands in India which you can select.

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