6 Best Juicer Mixer Grinder in India 2022

If you have a busy schedule and take a lot of time to prepare your morning snack, the Juicer Mixer Grinder comes here to speed up your morning schedule to save your precious time.

This not only saves your time but also gives you fresh/healthy morning juice with your breakfast. The best juicer mixer grinder is an important tool for every kitchen and has become a trending smart tool for households as it has made one’s life easier.

So if you are going to buy a juicer mixer grinder, there are many things to consider such as brand, motor power, jar, speed, etc.

Best Juicer Mixer Grinder List

After doing a lot of research I have prepared an updated list of the best juicer mixer grinder. Other than that, I have also prepared the purchase guide section at the end of the post. Where I have described all the factors /points you need to check before buying a juicer mixer. So that you can have the best juicer mixer grinder for your kitchen.



The first number juicer mixer grinder in my list is from VIDIEM. It has many cool features like Tri-Mate Nylon Couplers, Sturdy ABS Chromed Handles & Switch Plate, Self-Locking Jars, Dynamically Balanced SS 304 Hardened Blades with 750 Watts ARIA Cool Tec Motor.

There are many types of jars that come with this mixer grinder, and they are 1.5 Litre master jars for Dry & Wet Grind, Liquidise, Mince Meat, Grate Vegetables, and Crush Ice. 1.5 Litre Super Juicer & Blender for the Juicing, Extracting. 1.0 Litre Multi Jar for Dry & Wet Grind.

0.1 Litre Spice Jar & 0.5 Litre Marvel Jar for Dry & Wet Grind very small quantities. Spice Jar- Even 4 Peppercorns. And you can liquidize and ice crush do with any jar just not only in the 0.1 jars.

These jars have a self-locking feature so you can easily pick and place them. You can grind any fruit or vegetable because it can handle the heavy load easily.


  • Good style and nice product
  • Very good mixer grinder
  • Love the smallest jar


  • A Good product but Noisy

2.  Rico Mixer Grinder

Rico juicer Mixer Grinder in India

Rico mixer grinder is an excellent grinder. It can grind any dry and wet to a fine paste, has a stylish look sleek, gives you excellent performance, and does not too much noise level.

This mixer grinder can grind dry as well as wet to a fine consistency. If you want a better grinding then you need a high watts power machine that will make proportionate noise but Rico came to your rescue, the sound is bearable and as any normal mixer would make.

The pots are built of good quality and strong steel. It comes with three jars and they are made of steel with sturdy plastic lids and handles. The motor appears to be powerful and the main unit is also compact and made of good material.

It mixes well and all jars are working with good blades according to the needs of mixing or grinding, overall this product is very nice and worth it to buy.


  • Very good quality product
  • Looks good
  • Very good product with high quality


  • Good product

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3. Philips HL7578

Philips HL7578 juicer in India

The juicing is very easy with Philips juicer mixer grinder makes it easy just in three steps! This Juicer mixer grinder has eliminates the hassle of multiple locking and other attachments.

It has a 600W turbo power motor that supports easy grinding the fruit and vegetable for your juices. The new Philips juicer comes with an extra OLP (overload protection) feature, 

you are juicing anything and suddenly it’s getting any type of overload or overheat, it will automatically cut the power supply.

This Juicer is perfect for juices, the grinder is easy and quick grinds smoothly and the mixture is the best. So if you are searching for a juicer mixer grinder then it can be your right choice.


  • Awesome Grinder Juicer machine
  • value for money
  • Easy and best


  • It is a good product

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4. Cello Grind N Mix Ertiga

Cello Grind N Mix Ertiga Mixer

The cello ertiga has a 500-watt power motor for your powerful grind. This juicer mixer grinder helps you to complete multitasks in the kitchen.

It comes with two hygienic steel jars and one plastic blender for multipurpose. Each jar is fixed with stainless steel for liquidizing, dry blending, and preparing chutney separately.

The quality nylon couplers help to lock the jar in a firm grip, to prevent the splits it comes with a break-resistant lid.

A selector knob with three types of grinding speed maintains a grinding speed suitable for foods. Air-tight lids ensure a firm lock to prevent the mixture from leaking out.


  • Excellent Design and Performance
  • Value for money
  • Better than an expensive mixer


  • Cello mixer

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 5. Lifelong Power VX 

Lifelong Power VX juicer in India

It is a very good product available in the market at an affordable price and it is totally worth it. I would like to highlight all the benefits of this juicer mixer grinder.

It comes with four jars and an additional jar is cherry on the top as it is the bigger version of the smallest one which turned out to be the most useful one because of its size.

It has a good Plastic quality: no doubt, efforts are put into the manufacturing of the product. The plastic is of good quality and not the cheaper ones, as one might think because of the lower price.

It comes with a 750-watt motor, takes 1/4th of the time for anything on this mixer. It is very useful for spices and would grind flour in any emergency. It took just 5 sec on the first level to grind up sugar.

The biggest jar came with the strainer which makes it easier for juices like orange, carrot, and so on.

So, if you are searching for a juicer mixer grinder at an affordable price then you can go with it.


  • Amazing Product!! Worth buying,
  • Powerful machine
  • Good mixer grinder in low cost


  • Check carefully before pay

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6. Sujata Powermatic Plus Juicer Mixer Grinder

Best Sujata Powermatic Plus Juicer Mixer Grinder

The Powermatic plus is the best juicer mixer grinder by Sujata and you will get this product in excellent quality working quality is good so no need to worry about your purchasing.

It has a power full motor with 900 watts and this super silent power motor gives you a noise-free smooth grinding.it gives you an excellent juicing user experience and you can easily clean it.

It builds with a good and strong plastic quality so it gives you a sturdy experience. Get a hassle-free running with a powerful motor,

gives you 90 minutes of continuous running with 22000 rpm and this powerful motor makes this juicer mixer grinder shockproof and safe with low maintenance.


  • Rough and tough, Value for money
  • Excellent Product. Just like an import quality
  • Proven machine, value for money if u drink juice a lot


  • Happy to use it

What is a Juicer Mixer Grinder?

Juicer mixer grinders are smart tools used mostly for kitchens and get freshly squeezed fruit juice with your breakfast every morning, it makes your work easier with new advanced functionality.

The Juicer Mixer Grinder gives you juicing, mixing, blending, and grinding functions. It comes with a long-lasting motor for maximum juicing and grinding performance.

It has a sieve specifically designed to ensure maximum extraction of juice from hardened fruits and vegetables. The Juicer Mixer Grinder comes with 3 jars for mixing, grinding, and juicing.

The juicer mixer jar is designed with two materials either polycarbonate or stainless steel. However, stainless steel jars ensure safe and healthy juicing.

Benefits of Juicer Mixer Grinder?

Talking about the benefits, the juicer mixer grinder is a part of the house, and there are many benefits to describe. Here I am going to break it down a few points.

  • Time saving: There is no doubt that this device saves a lot of time for preparing healthy morning breakfast,
  • Efficient: This machine gives you the batter efficiency because the appliances can do what humans cannot do
  • Durability: Kitchen appliances are not for daily use, and are durable for a long time.
  • Compact in size: Since appliances come with a certain shape that you can place anywhere in your kitchen. And it does not take up enough space.
  • Price Value for money: These devices can be found at an affordable price, many appliances come with additional features which makes it value for money. 

How To Choose A best Juicer Mixer Grinder?

If you have planned to buy a juicer mixer grinder, then there are several criteria that you will need to check for your kitchen, these criteria help you to find the ideal appliances that will be value for money.

I suggest go through all the criteria before buying it and finding the most suitable juicer mixer grinder available in the market.

Power consumption

This is the first thing you need to consider when purchasing the best juicer mixer grinder for your home. Ensure that the equipment you are purchasing must have sufficient power.

The higher power watt generates more RPM and takes less time to grind any ingredient.

High wattage is considered useful for grinding hard ingredients with high speed. 500 to 750 are believed to be the best watts. Daily use for Indian kitchen.


You also have to think about what speed is best for the juicer mixer grinder. Most juicer mixer grinders come with three or four-speed control switches.

You must check the RPM of the mixer grinder before purchasing it. RPM (revolutions per minute) helps you to know how fast the blades are rotating. However, 18000 to 23000 RPM is known as good speed.

Many grinders come with 10000 to 23000 RPM motor speeds. A powerful motor allows the blade to operate at more rotation per minute, which helps in grinding the material within a shorter time.


Jars complete your work in a short time, and how many jars will you need? The simple answer is 3 jars will be sufficient enough.

While there are other grinders that come with 4 jars, if you are a small family, 2 jars (for dry and wet grinds) are enough.

Although wet jars come with a tight lid to ensure that the liquid you are grinding doesn’t come out while grinding.

Most probably the juicer mixer grinder comes with 3 jars, the larger one is used for juice and grinding, the medium is used for wet grinding work, and the smaller one is used to grind dry ingredients.


I think it would be helpful for you to know if you are looking for a good juicer mixer grinder then before selecting one always check the blades.

It helps to grind or mix hard ingredients into small pieces or power and is called the impeller blade.

Different types of blades are used for different uses each one has specific uses, so before choosing the blade for good results and efficiency check the blade sharpness and the material.

Most blades are made of steel, aluminium, bronze. To accelerate the content in the jar in a specific direction.


while purchasing a juicer mixer grinder, safety should be the first priority to consider whether you are using a juicer mixer grinder or any household appliance, you should be aware of while using one of them.

Always switch off the juicer mixer grinder before removing the jar, as well as making sure to keep the grinder on a level surface during operation.

Do not overload the jar with the ingredients, the quantity should be 3/4

mark of the juicer grinder, and close the lid of the jar thoroughly.

Before purchasing a mixer grinder, check whether it has overload protection or not, which can prevent the grinder from getting damaged or overheating.

Overload Protection

People have a tendency to overfill the jar with the material and run the grinder for a long time, but they do not know that there may be a risk of a burning motor.

Some grinders offer overload protection features to avoid this, and this feature acts as a circuit breaker to prevent machine damage.


The Juicer mixer grinder has become a fundamental requirement for our life nowadays because it not only makes our work easier but also saves a lot of time.

And if you are going to buy a juicer mixer grinder then I have mentioned a list according to my research for your convenience check them at least once and if they are according to your requirements and fit on your budget.

Then you can go with them otherwise many other options are available in the market you can choose one easily. I hope you will like the information given by me. If you liked the information or have any suggestions for me, please let me know in the comment box below.